What is interventions

Could somebody please try to explain what the function « Interventions » does?

Translating the word into my language (Norwegian) does not help :happy: I still do not get the purpose of this functions…

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Sorry to bump this, but I would be really greatful if someone could briefly explain the meaning of « Interventions ».

What is the purpose of this module?

Thanks in advance!

eviking écrit:

Imagine a plumber fixing a leaking pipe: he is doing an « intervention ».

Look up « rendering of services » in a dictionnary: this should give you a clue.

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Ah, I see now…

Thanks for explaining!

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But, why can’t be made an invoice of this intervention?

This feature is not yet developed

Also, if the plumber is out fixing a leaking pipe there may be a possibility of him using some products during the job… Is it the intention that interventions should just be able to record time spent - not products?

Only an idea for the new development: a « now » button to made the intervention right now (today date and time).