Adapt Dolibarr for Japanese market

Hi, I have 3 questions about Dolibarr:

- There is a problem with FPBF which doesn’t accept UTF-8.
Consequently I can not have any order in PDF (I use Japanese language).
Is there any way to use anything else than FPBF or even then PDF?
I don’t need to print anything just to send by e-mail.

- Japanese yen doesn’t have any cents (the smallest coin is 1 yen) so I don’t need decimal to be displayed. How can I remove decimal in all the prices?

- I work as an independent worker and have to pay the VAT and sell the product to customers again with the same tax (in Japan).
I buy a product 105 yens (100yens + 5 yens VAT -> 5%)
I sell it 147 yens (140yens + 7 yens VAT -> 5%)
How can I do that?

Sorry about all this question and thanks in advance!

To remove decimal, you can set this in setup - limits and accuracy.

For vat, go on setup - dictionnaries - vat and add vat rates for japan.

For pdf, this is more complexe. It needs a change to be able to use UTF8 in FPDF.

Thanks for your answers !
I resolved the two first questions.

About pdf, is there any solution to send an order to a a suppliers directly through an email without go through a pdf files?
Like instead to create a pdf file the program create an email with the help of an email template.