dolibarr_256x256_frDolibarr 3.4.2, une version de maintenance pour la branche 3.4 de Dolibarr ERP & CRM est disponible.

La version 3.4.2 contient uniquement des corrections de bugs trouvés sur la branche 3.4. Nous recommandons à toute personne utilisant la version 3.4.0 ou 3.4.1de se mettre à jour avec cette version. Comme toute version de maintenance, cette version ne contient aucune modification de structure de tables, ni nouvelles fonctionnalités (voir "Lire la suite" pour plus de détail)

Vous pouvez la télécharger dans la section "Versions stables" de la zone de téléchargement.

Note: Conformément à la roadmap (, la version majeure 3.5.0 devrait être disponible ce mois-ci égallement.


La liste des corrections apportées par cette version et toutes les versions de maintenance de la branche 3.4 est disponible en anglais uniquement

***** ChangeLog for 3.4.2 compared to 3.4.1 *****
Fix: field's problem into company's page (RIB).
Fix: Document cerfa doesn't contained firstname & lastname from donator.
Fix: Bad rounding on margin calculations and display.
Fix: Option drop table into backup was broken.
Fix: [ bug #1105 ] Searching Boxes other search option.
Fix: wrong buy price update.
Fix: [ bug #1142 ] Set paiement on invoice (PGSql).
Fix: [ bug #1145 ] Agenda button list type do not display.
Fix: [ bug #1148 ] Product consomation : supplier order bad status.
Fix: [ bug #1159 ] Commercial search "other" give p.note do not exists.
Fix: [ bug #1174 ] Product translated description not good into PDF.
Fix: [ bug #1163 ] SQL Error when searching for supplier orders.
Fix: [ bug #1162 ] Translaction for morning and afternoon.
Fix: [ bug #1161 ] Search on product label.
Fix: [ bug #1075 ] POS module doesn't decrement stock of products in delayed payment mode.
Fix: [ bug #1171 ] Documents lost in interventions after validating.
Fix: fix unsubscribe URL into mailing when sending manually (not by script).
Fix: [ bug #1182 ] ODT company_country tag is htmlencoded.
Fix: [ bug #1196 ] Product barcode search does not expect 13th digit on EAN13 type.
Fix: [ bug #1202 ] Wrong amount in deposit % invoice from proposal.
Fix: Removed analytics tags into doc page.
Fix: Call Image on this instead of pdf.
Fix: Missing parameter for photo.
Fix: Bad SQL request for turnover report.

***** ChangeLog for 3.4.1 compared to 3.4.0 ***** Fix: Display buying price on line edit when no supplier price is defined. Fix: Retrieving of margin info when invoice created automatically from order. Fix: Reordering supplier products in list by supplier or supplier ref was crashing. Fix: [ bug #1029 ] Tulip numbering mask. Fix: Supplier invoice and supplier order are not displayed into object link into agenda event card. Fix: [ bug #1033 ] SUPPLIER REF disappeared. Fix: update extrafield do not display immediatly after update. Fix: Fix bug with canvas thirdparty. Fix: [ bug #1037 ] Consumption> Supplier invoices related. Fix: User group name do not display in card (view or edit mode). Fix: Link "Show all supplier invoice" on suplier card not working. Fix: [ bug #1039 ] Pre-defined invoices conversion. Fix: If only service module is activated, it's impossible to delete service. Fix: [ bug #1043 ] Bad interventions ref numbering. Fix: Mailing module : if an email is already in destinaires list all other email from selector was not inserted. Fix: Localtaxes balance not showing. Fix: Intervention box links to contracts id. Fix: Compatiblity with multicompany module. Fix: Edit propal line was losing product supplier price id. Fix: Delete linked element to supplier invoice when deleted. Fix: [ bug #1061 ] Bad info shipped products. Fix: [ bug #1062 ] Documents lost in propals and contracts validating. Fix: Supplier price displayed on document lines and margin infos didnt take discount. Fix: sorting on qty did not work in supplier product list. Fix: there was no escaping on filter fields in supplier product list. Fix: bugs on margin reports and better margin calculation on credit notes. Qual: Add travis-ci integration.